Mission Statement


An Overview

The alumni association is an independent organization of former students (alumni) of the St. Genevieve School, Elizabeth, New Jersey.  The association’s aims are to:

  • Organize social events.
  • Publish a newsletter.
  • Seek out resources to help St. Genevieve School continue to provide superior educational opportunities for present and future students.

We will also strive to provide a variety of benefits and services that will enable both new and old alumni alike to easily communicate, socialize, and support each other. The association will seek to provide a forum where new friendships can be built and where alumni of similar backgrounds can seek advice and have the opportunity to build additional network opportunities. Through the use of electronic communication the association hopes to create a network where alumni can easily contact each other and coordinate support to each other in times of need.   

The association also seeks to foster a communal interest in helping to maintain the health and well-being of the St. Genevieve School community.  This interest could be in the form of financial contributions, access to new educational equipment and opportunities, or advice lectures conducted by successful St. Genevieve School alumni. The association does not require that members be graduated from St. Genevieve School to enjoy membership and privileges; only that they attended St. Genevieve School at some point during their grammar school years.  This alumni association will involve graduates of all age groups, demographics, and locales.

The Mission

The mission of the St. Genevieve School Alumni Association is to keep alive a sentiment of affection for our Alma Mater, to unite all alumni through a bond of fellowship, to foster feelings of friendship toward one another, and to guard well past, present, and future memories of all those affiliated with St. Genevieve School.

Our purpose is to promote the welfare of St. Genevieve School and to encourage from our members the spiritual and financial support for Catholic elementary school education in the Elmora area of Elizabeth, New Jersey.